Interview list WIP

April 18, 2010

How long have you been in charge of this AA group?
Have you had to recovered from alchoholism?
On a rough average, how many people attend each meeting?
How long does it take for them to admit they have a problem?
There are 19,000 members, how many do you see at this phacility per year?
Are the majority parents, or are they single?
Do you feel that these meeting are making an impact?


April 14, 2010

This follows the story about a character named Richard McClarren, an Irish priest who’s also a recoving alcoholic. The basis is asking the character questions while covering real events such as alcoholism and informing the public on such things, such as alcohol anonymous groups and church involvement.

Fortress that is hidden

March 14, 2010

Probably be a good idea if I posted that Hidden Fortress thing here.
Rewritten for modern times of course, written by myself and Nathan.

“The story begins with two homeless men, both tired and worn out from a recent alleyway brawl. Currently in New Jersey, a lonely and miserable place, they set out on a quest to return to their homes in Boston. Along the way they come across a vast amount of money, their greed gets the better of them and they begin to sqabble about their new found fortune. An elderly war veteran overhears their hot tempered cries and offers his services in allowing them to reaching thier desination without ripping each other apart, on the condition that his daughter travels with them, needing to get to Boston herself. They both agree and off they set of their quest.

Somewhere along the way they come across an old abandoned shack which the elderly man calls his “hidden fortress”, the two other men call him crazy but they stay there for a period of time anyway. As time passes the old man slowly becomes weirder, by starting that he saw princesses and such, he must of been hallucinating. A fair while later their shack becomes raided by police, they say the old man has been trying to smuggle cocaine over the boarder, seems that he was an addict himself.
He promises to share with the two homeless men a vast fortune if they help him escape and aid in the smuggling.
They agree and flee in their jouney to cross the boarder.

The two bums have an idea of stealing all the cocaine and selling it for themselfs, but the old man beats them in his skill of wit and they surrender and follow his orders.
The old man comes across his old war buddy, they talk about the old days and how much they used to play chess together. Just for the sake of it, they decide to play chess one last time. The old man beats his oppenent, and he is forced to return to his retirement home in shame.

The bums, the old man and his daughter all reach the boarder after many trails. Suddenly they are surrounded by police with no hope of escaping. The old man’s war buddy appears and distracts the police with a wild 60’s dance routine giving our heros just enough time to escape the clutches of the law.

All of them make it over the boarder safely, the cocaine was sold at a reasonable price and they all became very weathly. It was then reavealed that the old man’s daughter was actually a princess and the old man himself was an agent for the FBI and the two bums were arrested to aiding in cocaine smuggling.”


So, another blog.

February 22, 2010

Ah yes, now this seems familiar.

Dylan Moorfoot here, attending another year of TAFE and again required to make another blog. What a surprise.

For those of you that don’t know my background, I attended Frankston TAFE a few years back. That lasted for two years, took a year off to work and now i’m back for more. Trying to fit TAFE, work and chill out time into one schedule, now won’t this be fun. Aside from that, I make Flash animations in my free time, have been ever since 2006, so that’s about five years of experience now.

Here’s a little something that I made not too long ago, should give you some idea of what i’m capable of.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Awesome

And if you enjoyed that, you can check out all my projects at my  Newgrounds account.

So yeah. Here’s to a year full of fun filled projects.
I hope.

– Dylan.